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International Donors Conference - Towards a New Future for Haiti

The Donors Conference

The United States and the United Nations (UN), in cooperation with the Government of Haiti, and with the support of Brazil, Canada, the European Union, France, and Spain co-hosted a ministerial International Donors’ Conference Towards a New Future for Haiti at the United Nations in New York on March 31, 2010. All 192 UN member states were invited to attend the conference.

The goal of the conference was to mobilize international support for the development needs of Haiti in an effort to lay the foundation for Haiti’s long-term recovery. At the conference, Haiti presented its vision for the country’s future and how international support can assist. Countries, international organizations, and other partners had an opportunity to pledge resources, to coordinate in support of Haiti’s long-term recovery and to commit to a sustained effort to support Haiti.

Read the Joint Statement by the Co-hosts and Co-chairs here.

Preparatory Meeting

In preparation for the conference, the Governments of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, with technical support from the World Bank, hosted a meeting in Santo Domingo on March 16 and 17. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the key findings of the Post Disaster Needs Assessment and for the Government of Haiti to present its strategy for recovery to key development partners. A broad group of over 30 states and key international organizations participated.

Outreach Meetings

A series of outreach meetings with key constituencies were also held in preparation for the Donors Conference to seek feedback on and support for the Government of Haiti’s strategy. The meetings were as follows:

  • March 15: Consultation with citizens in Haiti through focus group discussions, called the Voice of the Voiceless consultations, finalized. (This effort was led by the Office of the Special Envoy and the United Nations in Haiti.)
  • March 15: Consultation with Haitian and international private sector representatives hosted by the Inter-American Development Bank in Port-au-Prince.
  • March 23: Consultation with Haitian Diaspora hosted by the Organization of American States in Washington D.C.
  • March 23: Consultation with local government authorities hosted by France in Saint Martin.
  • March 25: Consultation with NGOs hosted by the Office of the Special Envoy, Interaction and the European Union held in New York. NGOs from Haiti, the Americas and Europe participated. More information is available here.