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President Bill Clinton to Take on an Expanded Role in the Recovery Efforts in Haiti

NEW YORK, 3 February 2010 — UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon asked UN Special Envoy for Haiti, President Bill Clinton today to take on an expanded role in the relief and reconstruction efforts in Haiti following the catastrophic earthquake.

Despite the devastation, the Secretary-General believes opportunities of historic proportions exist in Haiti and that now, more than ever, is the time to champion the principles of “building back better.”

“At the request of Secretary-General Ban, I’m pleased to take on an expanded role in the recovery efforts in response to the earthquake in Haiti. Drawing on the lessons learned in the aftermath of past disasters such as the Indian Ocean tsunami, and through previous work in Haiti through my Office of the Special Envoy, we will continue to work with the Haitian government and people to coordinate and sustain recovery and reconstruction efforts that achieve the vision they have for their country , ” said President Clinton.

In this role, President Clinton will continue to work with the Government and people of Haiti as they lead recovery and reconstruction efforts. President Clinton will help coordinate the work of UN agencies and other international partners in Haiti, including government donors, private investors, and non-governmental organizations.

He also will liaise closely with senior UN officials, including the Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Haiti, to ensure coherence of the United Nations system.

The Special Envoy for Haiti also will continue to advocate for the international community to realize and sustain their commitments to Haiti for long-term recovery, and help channel assistance effectively to communities in need.

For further information, please contact:

Jehane Sedky
Office of the Special Envoy for Haiti
646 781 4107
[email protected]